Headquartered in Toronto, Xilica has been a prominent name in the development of class-leading configurable DSP systems since it was founded in 2002. Having garnered experience in various areas of pro-audio, including loudspeaker development, Xilica’s founders were convinced that optimized, high-end audio processors would be essential to realizing the potential of the next-generation of audio systems for both live and install.

In particular, it was evident that there were tremendous opportunities in developing the market for floating-point DSPs thanks to their increased economies of scale and general ease-of-use. The need to support high bit-rates also informed the R&D process at Xilica, as early product ranges such as the X Series began to put the company on the global map.

In 2017, Xilica’s flagship offering includes: the Neutrino DSP family, whose products focus on time-efficient configuration; the Uno Series of pre-configured processors for fixed installation; the NeuPanel Series of intuitive remote control devices; and the Rio Series of Dante I/O interface devices. SolaroConsole, Xilica’s programming software, is taking the spotlight too as it continues to develop into a universal control platform for third-party products – emphasizing the role Xilica plays in making integrators’ lives easier.

The company’s global footprint has also continued to grow, benefiting service to markets established and emerging. Among recent developments, the advent of offices in Amsterdam and Hong Kong has enabled the company to forge ever-closer relationships with new and established customers in these crucial regions, as well as accelerating the pathway from the reception of market feedback to its impact upon future product development.

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