RCFToday RCF’s wide range of production is grouped into seven product families.

TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre

True high-output, high-definition audio solutions with the very latest in transducer technology, plus new-generation Class D digital active amplification and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for large-scale live concerts, events, fixed theatre installations and stage monitoring.

Professional Speaker Systems

A complete range of loudspeakers and systems dedicated to musicians, rental companies and anybody who lives for their music, at any level and for any kind of occasion – all using RCF’s precision transducers and cabinet materials of the highest integrity.


A line of studio reference monitors that combines the legendary quality and reliability of RCF precision transducers with the latest developments in digital amplification and acoustic design. Professional tools that ensure absolute accuracy right at the start of the audio production chain.

Precision Transducers

A line of high level professional transducers which comprises woofers, midrange, compression drivers and horns which are made with high technology materials such as neodymium, carbon fibre, pure titanium and other composite materials specially designed by RCF laboratories.

Commercial Audio

A complete range of products and systems to meet every requirement for the distribution of background music, public announcements, and emergency evacuation messaging and warning signals, in accordance with the very latest life safety and security regulations. The wide range of products available ensures that installations of every size can be completed.

Installed Sound

Professional speaker systems and amplifiers for installation in clubs, sports arenas, congress centres and other venues that require high-level sound reproduction combined with ruggedness and appropriate interior design aesthetics. Impressive sound levels are delivered without sacrificing control or definition.

Forum Congress Solutions

Conference, discussion and simultaneous translation systems for council chambers, parliament buildings, congress and event centres – indeed, anywhere that formal debate and discussion needs to be heard clearly and unambiguously. The RCF Forum congress line is characterised by state-of-the-art technology that is simple to install and configure in accordance with the wishes of individual customers, who benefit equally from ease of use.

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