Powersoft - DevaDeva is designed and manufactured by Powersoft, an international company based in Italy. Powersoft designs, manufacturers and markets high-end solutions for the professional audio industry.

A company built on ‘green’ design principles, Powersoft has been marketing ‘green power’ long before its competitors and this aspect and company attribute is wholly manifested in Deva.

With its aesthetically attractive form factor, Deva is the only device on the market that combines such robust features, and is and ready ‘out of the box’ — making other solution approaches seem primitive.

We have thought about every single detail and as well as the customization factor. Indeed, you may face the need to match a specific pattern or color in order to blend a unique device like Deva in the environment. Well, it’s possible, films based on different colors and patterns could be matched and applied if requested.

Deva can be integrated in harsh and remote locations, and then managed from a remote wired device (Ethernet/PC) or wirelessly connected (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). The connection can be wired or wireless, and either short-range or long-range — this is a great feature which allows Deva to remain independent from any existing infrastructure.

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